Applications for CA immigrant driver's licenses declining as numbers near 1M

Date Posted: 08/23/2017

Categories: News, California DMV, California Drivers

As of July, about 915,000 immigrants had obtained the special licenses that became available in January 2015. State Department of Motor Vehicles officials anticipate the million mark will be hit in the next few months. Updated license numbers for August will be released next month.

While there an initial rush to apply for the licenses, known as AB 60 for the Assembly bill that was adopted, DMV officials said the number of applicants each month has gradually declined since early last year, from about 27,000 in January 2016 to 11,000 this past June.

Officials couldn't speculate as to why, but some who've followed the program closely say it's likely a combination of factors: many who were going to apply have already done so and others who have not applied may be reluctant to do so. 

This article was originally published in 89.3 KPCC . Continue reading the full article here.