Bicyclists with traffic tickets can now get their fines waived at Southern California’s first bicycle traffic safety school in El Monte

Date Posted: 11/06/2017

Categories: News, Traffic Tickets, California Highway Patrol, California Office of Traffic Safety, California Drivers, Pedestrian

Bicycle citations are treated the same as driving tickets by the courts. The fines are the same. For example, a stop sign violation can cost $200 and running a red light costs as much as $400. If you don’t pay them, the consequences could lead to garnishing wages or jail time.

But while Southern California drivers can get their citations expunged and the fines dropped if they complete traffic school, until this past March, there was no such option for people ticketed on bicycles or other non-motorized vehicles. Without exception, they paid the full cost, both fines and court fees, which can amount to several hundred dollars.

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