Bill Reducing Traffic Fines to People’s Ability to Pay Passes Assembly Committee

Date Posted: 07/11/2017

Categories: News, Traffic Tickets, California Highway Patrol, California DMV, California Drivers

Legislation by Sen. Bob Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, requiring courts to offer traffic ticket violators payment plans and to reduce fine amounts to a level they can afford today passed the Assembly Transportation Committee.

SB 185 states that your economic status shouldn’t determine your access to justice and ability to make amends. The legislation also prevents the automatic suspension of driver’s licenses for people who are unable to pay fines or fees for minor traffic tickets and directs courts to restore licenses for anyone already with a suspended license due to nonpayment who begins a payment plan.

The Assembly Transportation Committee approved the bill on a 9-4 vote. The legislation goes next to the Assembly Public Safety Committee, which is scheduled to consider it on Tuesday.

“Large fines for minor traffic infractions force many people to go into debt and lose their driver’s licenses, and that can result in them losing their jobs. That’s a punishment that doesn’t fit the offense,” Hertzberg said. “This legislation restores basic fairness and common sense to fines and fees for minor traffic offenses.”

This article was originally published in The East County Today. Continue reading the full article here.