California Legislators Settle on $125 Billion Budget

Date Posted: 06/21/2017

Categories: News, Traffic Tickets, California Drivers

The eighth largest economy in the world requires a lot of money to function properly. California lawmakers have agreed to a $125 billion budget, which will have to be funded with higher taxes on gasoline and increases in vehicle registration fees.

Now that the budget has been debated and passed, Governor Jerry Brown will wait for the legislature to approve certain bills to be implemented this year with the hope to increase state revenue. There are five major points of contention:

Traffic Tickets and License Suspensions

Traffic violations are among the major sources of revenue generation for California, and they will be in focus during this legislative session. The current provision of suspending driver's licenses if a fine is not paid is being contested by some lawmakers who argue that it is better to keep drivers on the road when they cannot afford to pay a traffic ticket.


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