Carpool Lane Crackdown Barely Makes a Dent

Date Posted: 06/26/2017

Categories: Traffic Tickets, California Drivers, Carpool Lane Traffic Ticket

Carpool lane cheaters continue getting nailed like never before, with the number of tickets issued by the California Highway Patrol last year nearly doubling from 2010.

But traffic experts and motorists say it’s hardly making a dent in the problem. As many as 30 percent of cars in the diamond lanes are driven by solo drivers apparently willing to risk a $491 fine because they don’t fear being caught.

Now Bay Area transportation officials are pushing a plan to earmark CHP patrols just for carpool enforcement during the hours when carpool rules are in effect. Earlier this month they sent an urgent directive to Sacramento to provide extra enforcement.

This article was originally published in Mercury News. Continue reading the full article here.