Did You Pay For A Traffic Ticket? Get It Back

Date Posted: 11/13/2017

Categories: News, Traffic Tickets, Red Light Tickets, California Highway Patrol, Red Light Cameras, California DMV, California Drivers

Are you like everybody else seeing everything go up except wages? Can I mention the price of food, clothing, medical and let’s not forget gasoline or housing?

Fortunately, Cousin Neil was driving on Overland between Washington and Venice Blvd when the red-light camera device caught my eye; as I drove past the multistoried construction project being built on the East side of Overland. You guessed right if you said, “Isn’t that in the City of Los Angeles? And you would be correct. Everyone who received a ticket at Overland and Washington should go to the City Hall and ask respectfully for their $600 or so bucks back, as well as, a letter to their auto insurance company, thus preventing their rates going up.

Personally, I’d even want a letter sent to DMV. Do yourself a favor and keep a Xerox of everything. Culver City should mail everyone who received a citation a letter, and a check. Don’t you and I recall the last election when the city hallers were screaming efficiency; well let’s see how fast they can get checks into the mail. No, I don’t know about a class action suit.

So, there we were Marie AKA” The Wild Gypsy Lady” and myself at our favorite secluded roadside coffee, ice cream and waffle restaurant next door to the De Soto car dealership. Maria overhead a conversation between a civil servant type who just enjoyed spreading unfounded rumors. The rumor going around discusses marijuana dispensaries.

This article was originally published in The Culver City Observer. Continue reading the full article here.