Fight Unlimited California Traffic Tickets with the GetDismissed Mobile App Version 4.0

Date Posted: 06/07/2017

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LOS ANGELES, CA (PRWEB) JUNE 07, 2017, has just released version 4.0 of its GetDismissed traffic ticket fighting web service and mobile App. Now fight an unlimited amount of California traffic tickets at no-cost with a GetDismissed membership. The App is free and available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

GetDismissed has completely redeveloped and redesigned its popular California traffic ticket fighting service and application with version 4.0. The new GetDismissed application will allow drivers to create a full “Trial by Written Declaration and defense package” to fight most California traffic tickets without having to appear in court. Just print, sign, and mail the package to the court. It’s that simple. Version 4.0 will also allow users to add and upload new tickets, manage current tickets, and maintain their GetDismissed account either via the GetDismissed mobile applications or on a computer.

“Our new application allows users to take full advantage of all the GetDismissed traffic ticket fighting services, while also facilitating a greater understanding of their rights to a Trial by Written Declaration,” said Steve Miller, President and CEO of GetDismissed.

In order to fight unlimited California traffic tickets at no-cost, the new GetDismissed application allows California drivers to simply purchase a GetDismissed annual membership for $59. Once your membership is activated, users can then contest speeding, red light, cell phone, U-turn, sign violations, carpool, and many other California traffic tickets.

There are over 24 million drivers in California that get issued about 4 million traffic tickets every year. Most people do not fight their traffic tickets because the process is so frustrating and takes up so much time. Currently, only about seven percent of those tickets are ever contested. GetDismissed has changed that.

About GetDismissed: 

GetDismissed is a web-based legal document assistant that has helped thousands of California drivers quickly and inexpensively prepare the necessary paperwork to contest and dismiss their traffic tickets through the Trial by Written Declaration process. The recipient of a 2016 “Best of Los Angeles Award,” GetDismissed is available for all iOS based phones in the App Store and for all Android-based phones in Google Play. The site and app works for most California traffic tickets, including speeding, red light, sign infractions, cell phone use, among others.

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