Lyft's redesigned street concept could fix L.A. traffic

Date Posted: 09/18/2017

Categories: News, Traffic Tickets, California Office of Traffic Safety, California Drivers, Driving Technology

Want your city to fix its traffic issues? It should start by narrowing streets and planting trees where cars currently drive.

A new partnership with Lyft and transportation experts highlights the overlooked secrets of good urban design -- and the answers may sound counterintiutive. For example, building more lanes to transport more cars isn't a way to cut down on congestion.

With the help of architecture firm Perkins+Will and transportation consultants Nelson/Nygaard, the ride-sharing company has reimagined a street for the future. The teams reenvisioned a concept for Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, a notoriously car-centric city. The average L.A. driver wastes over 100 hours a year sitting in traffic.

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