Montebello will keep its red-light cameras in place, but critics say they’re not keeping anyone safe

Date Posted: 12/18/2017

Categories: News, Traffic Tickets, Red Light Tickets, Red Light Cameras, California Drivers

Although more than 70 cities — including Whittier about seven years ago — have dropped their photo red-light enforcement programs, Montebello has no plans to become one of them any time soon.

The City Council Wednesday unanimously voted to award a five-year contract with two one-year extensions to Redflex Traffic System of Glendale, continuing the program first initiated in 2007.

“I know this program is very unpopular but I know there is a process to appeal the amount,” Councilwoman Vanessa Delgado. “If there’s a financial hardship, the court will assess a lower amount. This is a tool for our Police Department to improve public safety.”

However, Jim Lissner, who runs anti-photo radar website,, said he thinks Montebello and other cities are just running the programs for money.

“It’s become perverted,” Lissner said.

“You’ve issued 117,000 tickets worth $50 million in fines (since the program began) and 70 percent are for rolling right turns,” he said. “Yet, your staff hasn’t brought you any statistics to show you if this program is making a difference in Montebello.”

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