More Relief for California Drivers with Traffic Tickets?

Date Posted: 07/07/2017

Categories: News, Traffic Tickets, California Drivers

A provision in Gov. Jerry Brown's new budget, which took effect last Saturday, prohibits the suspension of someone's driver's license because of unpaid traffic tickets. 

And there could be more relief coming. 

SB 185 would base traffic ticket fines on one's income. According to the legislation, a court could reduce these fees by 80 percent. 

"It would set up payment standards and reduce the debt for very low-income people so that they could afford to make the payments, pay the state back what they owe and still be able to go to work, do all the things that they do that keep their families together," said Michael Herald, director of policy advocacy at the Western Center on Law & Poverty. 

This article was originally published in ABC 10. Continue reading the full article here.