Nevada drivers who pull off a ‘California roll’ can be ticketed

Date Posted: 04/16/2018

Categories: News, Traffic Tickets, California Drivers, Stop Signs

It looks like a few drivers need a reminder on what it means to stop.

Sandra from Las Vegas said she’s noticed a few motorists who roll past stop signs at four-way intersections.

In the east valley, Randy said he received a citation for failing to stop at a red light while making a right turn. And in North Las Vegas, Mark said he was nearly sideswiped by a red-light runner who also was turning right.

In all of these cases, it sounds like the offending motorists were pulling a California roll. And we’re not talking about the tasty sushi treat.

For those who are unfamiliar, California rolls happen when drivers slow down — rather than stop — then drive through an intersection when they think it’s safe.

“This isn’t California,” Nevada Highway Patrol trooper Jason Buratczuk astutely pointed out.

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