School driving — a little patience can prevent agony

Date Posted: 08/15/2017

Categories: News, Traffic Tickets, Distracted Driving, California Office of Traffic Safety, California Drivers, Teen Drivers

In a perfect world — perhaps the not-too-distant world of driverless cars — we would not have to write this editorial. But few things are more imperfect than late-for-work parents rushing to drop their kids off at school, teens speeding to classes to avoid a first-period tardy, distracted drivers or pedestrians checking their text messages in the morning, or any motorist or walker or bicyclist just not paying attention to and from and around school.

So with classes starting this week for many Simi Valley, Oxnard, Santa Paula and Fillmore public schools and our three community colleges, we feel compelled to remind you again to be patient, be careful, be safe and pay attention as you drive, bike or walk in Ventura County.

We remember all too well the tragic 2014 death of little Emmanuel Tinoco Jr. in the parking lot of Larsen School in Oxnard. The 2-year-old, the brother of a student there, ran in front of a SUV driven by a substitute teacher and was fatally hit.

This article was originally published in Ventura County Star . Continue reading the full article here.