Stop Sign Cameras Are Costing Some Park Visitors Plenty

Date Posted: 10/25/2017

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Irene Hernandez is permanently disabled. Her mother, for whom she cares full-time, is struggling with dementia.
Despite their health challenges, Hernandez says there's one activity that helps both of them manage their ailments.

"I look for different places to go hiking. It's our physical therapy," said Hernandez. "It's how I deal with my pain. It gives my mom the best joy to be out in nature."

But Hernandez says she's now afraid to visit some of Southern California's most popular park areas. That's because she received a ticket for running a stop sign at Franklin Canyon Park and didn't even know it until it arrived weeks later in the mail. 

"Apparently they recorded me blowing through a stop sign," Hernandez said. "There was nobody there. It was really quiet. Kind of a lonely location."

She wasn't ticketed by a law enforcement officer or a park ranger. In fact, no one who works for the park saw her roll through the sign. But the alleged violation was captured in photos and on video by an automatic camera mounted on the hillside near the stop sign.

"I was shocked that they would ticket me $100 for that kind of thing and that they would even be recording it because I didn't even think they were allowed to do that in California anymore," explained Hernandez.

This article was originally published in NBC Los Angeles. Continue reading the full article here.