The Most Expensive Mistakes You Can Make Driving a Car

Date Posted: 09/06/2017

Categories: News, Traffic Tickets, California Highway Patrol, California Drivers

The penalties for minor driving violations are becoming harsher across America. If you veer into a bike lane, the offense could cost you hundreds of dollars in some states, for example. Yet those fines are light compared to major offenses, such as the cost of a DUI. Serious driving offenses hurt you in a number of ways. In addition to the actual fine and related court costs, you could end up losing thousands more due to a suspended or revoked license. And even a minor traffic ticket could end up costing you your license and nearly hundreds in fees if you don’t pay right away.

Critics of harsh traffic penalties say suspended licenses can cost a state as much as $140 million in lost tax revenue. When someone can’t drive, they can’t work, and everybody hurts because of it. Until we see reform, drivers should be careful to avoid the worst driving offenses. Whether they raise your insurance premiums or cost you thousands in fines, your life could change quickly.

Here are 10 of the most expensive mistakes you can make driving a car

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