Toll Cheats Without License Plates Costing Bay Area Millions

Date Posted: 06/12/2017

Categories: Toll Roads

California’s failure to require that new cars with no license plates have some form of visible identification is costing the Bay Area nearly $13 million a year in tolls, as drivers take advantage of what amounts to a free ride across bridges.

That dollar loss is growing, according to records obtained by The Chronicle. More than 2.5 million vehicles passed through FasTrak lanes at the seven state-owned bridges in 2016 without license plates or toll tags and without stopping to hand over cash — a nearly fivefold increase from a decade ago.

And nothing is going to change until 2019, when a new state law requires shiny new cars, and used ones sold by dealers, to have visible and unique temporary plates before they roll off the lots.

This article was originally published in SF Chronicle. Continue reading the full article here.