Two Self-Serve DMV Kiosks Now Available in SCV

Date Posted: 05/03/2017

Categories: California DMV

For Santa Clarita residents who want to buy their groceries and renew their vehicle registration in the same place, the Department of Motor Vehicles has brought two new “DMV Now” self-service terminals to local grocery stores.

An Albertsons on 27631 Bouquet Canyon Road in Saugus and a Vons on 16550 West Soledad Canyon Road now house the kiosks for DMV customers to instantly renew their registration card and vehicle tag or file for planned non-operation status.

The Department of Motor Vehicles premiered their DMV Now self-service terminals in April to allow the public to renew their registration on the spot. Courtesy of DMV Public Relations.
“We are always looking for options to provide our customers with alternative and convenient ways to conduct their DMV business,” DMV Director Jean Shiomoto said in a statement. “By placing DMV Now Self-Service Terminals in retail locations, we provide customers with another time-saving option.”

To complete a transaction, kiosk customers must have their vehicle registration renewal notice or their most recent vehicle registration card. The machine accepts cash, debit and credit cards and checks.

University of California, Irvine got the first of these machines in April, and Lancaster and Palmdale each had terminals installed last month as well.

Both English and Spanish language options are available at the kiosks.

The DMV still offers online services, including registration, at

This article was originally published in the Santa Clarita The Signal. Continue reading the original article here.