Cost of carpool lane ticket (CVC 21655.5b):

We’ve all been there, some more so than others. It’s really tempting to quickly just get a jump on traffic by hopping into the carpool lane. So tempting in fact, a solo driver was even recently pulled over for having a “suspicious” passenger that turned out to be a cardboard cut-out in his vehicle.


While he certainly scored points for being creative, you’ll also find that he also scored a DMV point, probably paid a $490+ base fine, and had to deal with increased insurance rates for at least 3 years. This means the cost of a carpool lane ticket can become fairly pricey in the long-run.


So, when is it ok exactly to use the carpool lane, also known as the High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane? Well firstly, transport vehicles with multiple passengers as well as clearly marked mass transit and paratransit vehicles are allowed. You can also use this dedicated lane if you’re driving a vehicle with a clearly displayed Clean Air Vehicle Sticker or if you’re a motorcyclist, even if you’re not transporting passengers.


It’s useful information like this that can help you prepare a defense should you want to contest a carpool lane ticket successfully. This may be your only recourse if you feel you’ve been unfairly ticketed and don’t want the burden of additional financial strain and stress. This burden can certainly get fairly heavy through the expense of court proceedings, state penalties and even hourly attorney fees.


At the end of the day, no matter how sick you are of travelling bumper to bumper, it’s usually a good idea to stick in the appropriate lanes and be patient. If you’d like to try and get your carpool lane ticket dismissed though, then you can even get that done from home or the office. Welcome to the GETDISMISSED system, the preferred option for many people who don’t actually have the time to spend in court or the money to spend on hourly attorney fees!


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