Cost of a cell phone ticket (CVC 23123):

You can be forgiven for feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to navigating all of the new laws and penalties that govern the use of devices while operating a vehicle in California. These have been recently updated to take into account constantly evolving technology and safety features. It can be a bit jarring with general bans being put on a lot of behaviour that used to be ignored.


Figuring out the cost of a cell phone ticket, in particular, can get confusing as it also depends on a sliding scale of exactly how many times you’ve been cited for this violation in the past. For example:

  • If it’s a first violation you’re probably looking at around $150+ in expenses.
  • If it’s a second or subsequent offense you could be forking out $250+ in expenses.


It’s also important to remember that although these costs may seem manageable, these totals are just the base amounts and some penalty assessments for the fine. Expect the addition of other costs too, these could include court and hourly attorney fees. By the end of the process, you could see the total owed increase considerably.


It’s fair that most of these laws have been updated to discourage the use of having a handheld device of any kind being used while you’re operating a vehicle. At the end of the day, this is not only a danger to yourself and the passengers in your vehicle but to other road users and pedestrians too. This means trying to get a cell phone ticket dismissed is fairly difficult in California and the best failsafe is always prevention.


However, if you feel that you’ve been unfairly penalised then you should definitely consider building a defense for yourself. You could possibly save on cash and definitely on time not spent appearing in court. Contesting a cell phone ticket (CVC 23123) is possible with the right information on hand to cross-reference with your own incident.


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