Cell Phone Tickets:

It's dangerous to be on your cell phone while driving. No question about it. And there are plenty of ways around it like Bluetooth or speaker phones in cars. But, sometimes things happen and you need to use the phone. No worries, we've all been there. But, if you're one of the unlucky ones who gets pulled over and ticketed for using your cell phone while driving, there is still hope for you to fight that cell phone ticket and win!

For example, it is not illegal to use your cell phone for emergency purposes or while on private property. This defense allows you to argue that you were using your phone for an authorized purpose.


Bringing up music: while it is completely illegal to use your cell phone in a manner that is not hands free to communicate with another person, smart phones have many other uses. Such as using it to play music or as a GPS device to get you to your destination.


Cell Phone Bills can be used in your defense to prove that you were not making an actual phone call on your cell phone. Showing the court a copy of your cell phone bill's call log is an excellent way of beefing up your case.

So, even if you're sitting there in your car, ticket in hand, watching the police car drive off into the distance, don't worry; there's always hope with GETDISMISSED.