Contesting a failure to stop ticket (CVC 22450, 21453 and 22107):

We’ve all been there. You’re late for a meeting or need to drop someone off at an appointment, you see a stop sign or even a pedestrian crossing with someone waiting walk, and you slow to a crawl, maybe even stop for a split second, but then accelerate through without waiting the prerequisite 2-3 seconds. As you hear the siren, your stomach drops. You’re about to get a failure to stop ticket, possibly even from a very stern looking officer. Don’t panic! There is an easy way to start your journey to getting a failure to stop ticket dismissed or at least reduced.


As you know, fighting a failure to stop ticket can often be the only option for some people as these types of violations come with a hefty fine in California. The good news is that with the right kind of support and information this can really improve your chances. That’s where the GETDISMISSED system can come to your rescue. There are a number of aspects you should consider when preparing your defense. For example:

  • Was the stop sign clearly visible or was it obstructed by trees or even a truck?
  • Similarly, were the pedestrian markings visible, or had the paint faded on the road?
  • Do you have a credible witness who can support an argument that you did in fact stop?

While we would never encourage you to take this kind of violation lightly, there are circumstances where you may have been completely unaware of the need to come to a complete stop. This can help you to prepare a good defense and with the GETDISMISSED system by your side, the chances of successfully contesting a failure to stop ticket (CVC 22450, 21453 and 22107) are even higher. Get a full defense package ready to mail to court quickly, easily and inexpensively. You’ll be surprised at how much knowledge you simply didn’t have on hand about this and it beats paying an expensive attorney by the hour.

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