Cost of a failure to yield ticket (CVC 21806, 21801 and 21753):

Figuring out the average cost of a failure to yield ticket in California can depend largely on the specifics of the violation. This means you may be slapped with a different base fine if you didn’t yield to passing cars on a freeway ($238+), as opposed to not yielding to an emergency vehicle ($490+) for example. But don’t be fooled, you will often not just be paying the base fine for the actual violation.


Should this citation stick, you could also be looking at up to 15 different added penalties that either bring with them an additional flat fee or are calculated as a percentage of the base fine. Not fun!


Then it gets even more financially concerning because you also need to take into account the traffic school fees to try and remove the point from your license. If you’re even eligible for this route. Otherwise, a failure to yield citation could also make your insurance rates increase for at least 3 years and sometimes up to 5!


With all of these expenses in play, many people who feel they have been ticketed unfairly move forward with contesting a failure to yield ticket. But this can also bring with it a set of costs that include court fees and attorneys who bill by the hour. The great news is that there is a range of different reasons that could assist you in getting your failure to yield ticket dismissed (CVC 21806, 21801 and 21753).


And the truly convenient thing is that you can do it all from the comfort of your home with the GETDISMISSED. system supporting you through the process. It is your best bet at fighting a failure to yield ticket successfully without having to spend a single day in court yourself.


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