Red Light Camera Tickets:

Red light camera tickets are a simple and powerful way for communities to police drivers without using any actual police officers. But, for every upside, there's also a downside. In this case the downside is that there are lots of rules and regulations that govern the proper use of a red light camera device. And, where there are lots of rules and regulations, the chance of an error happening is much greater. All of which means there is plenty of opportunity for you to fight, and win, your red light camera ticket with GETDISMISSED.COM or the GETDISMISSED App.

For example:

  • The length of time of the yellow light before it changes to red and starts taking a photo must meet California's legal requirement; a requirement that varies from 3 to 5 seconds depending on the posted speed limit. Did your yellow light give you enough time?

  • Are you the registered owner of the vehicle that was photographed, but not the driver at the time of the photo? Well, the law says the "driver" of a vehicle must obey a red light, not the registered owner. Who is really at fault here?

  • It is a legal requirement for red light camera intersections to have signs posted as a warning to drivers. Were there signs posted at the intersection where you were photographed? And, were the signs posted properly? According to the law, signs must be posted within 200 feet of the intersection. So, did you have proper warning about the red light camera or not?

And, there are even phony red light camera tickets sent by scammers looking to make a few quick bucks. Your bucks to be precise. Do you know how to tell the difference between a phony red light camera ticket and a real one? GETDISMISSED does. Don't get taken advantage of, use GETDISMISSED.COM.