Red Light Tickets:

The common traffic signal is a key component in every driver's day. This red, yellow, and green set of lights tells the driver when it's safe to drive, when to slow down and when to stop. And it's that "when to stop" portion that'll get the driver every time.

Red light tickets are very easy for police to write and very difficult for you, the ticket recipient, to argue. Unless, of course, you know what to look for because there are plenty of reasons why you're red light ticket could be dismissed; such as:

  • Was the traffic signal clearly visible or was it obscured by something?

  • If the officer issuing the red light ticket told you that you didn't stop for a long enough period of time before making your turn, you should know that the law does not actually specify a period of time that you should stop.

  • Was the officer actually in a position to really see where your car was in relation to the traffic light when it turned red?

There are many other extenuating factors that could come into play with a red light ticket. Don't give up. GETDISMISSED!