Road Sign Tickets:

There are many different road signs used on streets and highways. Most of them are seen fairly regularly such as speed limit signs, stop signs, yield signs, and various warning signs. Obeying those signs are important for the safety of everyone involved, including the driver, passengers, and others on the road, such as pedestrians, motorcycles and bicycle riders.

Getting a ticket for failure to obey a traffic sign is frustrating experience. But...did you actually deserve the ticket?

  • Was the sign clearly visible or was it obscured by something like a very tall truck, or a tree?

  • Did the officer claim that you were given a ticket because you didn't stop long enough at a stop sign?

  • Was the traffic sign even the correct size according to regulations?

Remember, laws work both ways and are there to protect you just as much as they're there to penalize you when broken. The trick is knowing how to present the evidence in the way that is most favorable to you. That's what lawyers who charge several hundred dollars an hour do every day for their clients and it's what GETDISMISSED can do for you...without that huge expense.

So, did you deserve the ticket? Was the police officer correct in issuing you a citation? Can you fight the ticket and win? There are ways to find that out; GETDISMISSED is always your best bet.