Cost of a texting while driving ticket (CVC 23123):

It’s no secret that California is clamping down on the use of almost all devices while driving a vehicle. Especially with the onslaught of resounding research and statistics proving that any kind of distraction while you’re driving could have fatal consequences. If you’re pulled over and addressed by a stern-looking officer about your texting offense, it’s easy to get intimidated and just pay up come the time. Particularly if you also have a crazy schedule and can’t afford time away for court! 


But first, do you really know the cost of a texting while driving ticket? It’s not as simple as the cost of the base fine. If it’s your first time receiving this kind of ticket then you’re looking at a ticket of approximately $20 to start. Add to that the assessments and state penalties, court and attorney fees, and you could be looking in excess of $150.


Should it be your second or even subsequent offense, then expect around $50 in base fines and probably $250+ overall each time. A very expensive habit indeed.


However, if you’re feeling unfairly fined you can always choose to fight your texting while driving ticket. While there is a general ban on engaging in any cell phone handling scenarios if you’re driving, there are a few exceptions that could count in your favour.


For example, when trying to get a texting while driving ticket dismissed (CVC 23123a) under the new law, drivers can still use their cell phones hands-free (voice operated) and mounted within regulation. Were you possibly activating it with a single tap or swipe at the time of the ticketed offense?


The GETDISMISSED system can walk you through your incident and assist you in producing the documentation you need quickly and easily for contesting your texting while driving ticket. If successful, your “Trial By Written Declaration” could save you both money and time spent in court. Best of all, you can use GETDISMISSED.COM from the comfort of your PC, laptop or cell phone!