How Bad Are California Drivers? National Rankings Out Now.

  • A new report has ranked California tie for third in the country when it comes to bad drivers. The financial advising company SmartAsset released its second annual study on states with the best and worst drivers this month. The study looked at four metrics: percent of drivers with insurance, number of DUIs per driver, average
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LA Ranks No. 1 for Traffic Congestion in U.S.

  • A friend who visited recently is considering moving to Southern California. What do you do when you have out-of-town guests? Naturally, you show them the sights. We went to Zuma Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica, The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, Old Pasadena and Mt. San Jacinto State Park. Of course, the inevitable common denominator was
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SCV residents fighting tickets have to do so in Chatsworth

  • “Effective Sept. 4, 2018, people with traffic tickets assigned to the Santa Clarita courthouse who request to see a judicial officer will have their hearings scheduled at the Chatsworth courthouse, located at 9425 Penfield Ave., Chatsworth,” the announcement released Friday said. “The Chatsworth courthouse handles all traffic-related matters, in addition to civil, family law and
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Speeding Tickets are a “Ticket to Bankruptcy” for Many Californians

  • For too many Californians, getting a speeding ticket or some other traffic violation is more than an inconvenience. It’s a slow-moving disaster that’s likely to upend their lives and plunge them into debt. California’s traffic fines consistently rank as the highest in the nation, and continue to disproportionately hurt the working poor and people of
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California Driver Says Radar Gun is Reading the Temperature

  • Well, it was worth a try. A driver was speeding down I-980 in Oakland, California, when an officer pulled his vehicle over for going 99 mph — well over the 65-mph speed limit on the stretch of roadway, according to the California Highway Patrol. “I wasn’t driving that fast,” the man told the officer, according
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Plane Lands on I-580 in San Leandro—Everyone Okay

  • A small plane landed on Interstate 580 near the 164th Avenue exit in Ashland, in unincorporated San Leandro, Calif., Saturday night. “It’s just crazy to see something like this. It’s just unbelievable,” said witness Rob Castro. At 6:46 p.m. on Saturday a man and a woman who was his passenger made an emergency landing. The
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California Ranked 5th Most Strict State for Traffic Infractions

  • Credit app WalletHub compiled data from all 50 states and with guidance from a panel of traffic safety experts, ranked the “Strictest States on Speeding and Reckless Driving.” California was rated 5th in the list behind New Mexico (T-3), Arizona (T-3), Colorado (2) and Delaware (1). Using a weighted point approach, Wallethub’s reports on each
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